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Description of Jewish Tasker Plugin

A Tasker plugin to get the Jewish/Hebrew Date and Zmanim. Add as an action in a Tasker task or profile. Choose a location. The action will create Tasker variables for the current Jewish Date.

- Creates Tasker variables for the current Jewish Date

- Hebrew or English text

- Long date description that includes the Parsha of the week, Candle Lighting times and special days (Rosh Chodesh, Channukah etc.)

- Zmanim available as variables

Some examples of things you can do:

- Display the Jewish Date on your lock screen or launcher using DashClock ( with DashClock Tasker Extension (

- Make a custom Jewish Date widget with Zoom ( or Zooper Widget (

- Get Jewish Date notifications

- Turn your phone on Shabbos mode (Silent, airplane mode, start a clock app etc.) at candle lighting time

- Make a custom Mincha reminder before sunset complete with a button to launch Mincha on your Siddur app

- Use a combination of IFTTT ( and a WeMo outlet (or any other WiFi outlet) to turn your phone into a Shabbos clock that can control your house lights.

Automate Tasker actions based on Zmanim:

- Create a new profile that runs at a set time

- Use the plugin to find the zman you want to automate at

- Store in a global variable (e.g. %candleLightingTime)

- Make a new Tasker profile with the time context and set the time to the variable you created

- Add any action you want for the profile

(Tasker needs to be in advanced mode for this)

Tasker is required:

Note: This app does not have its own interface. You can find it in the Plugin section of Tasker when you make a new action.


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